Searching GREENFIELD- added Info #general

loufine <loufine@...>

I am searching for Joseph (born circa 1949) and his brother Martin (born
circa 1952) GREENFIELD. They are the sons of Sydney and Gloria GREENFIELD.

I have searched the U.S. phone directories and there are many Joseph and
Martin GREENFIELDs listed I am trying to avoid contacting all, ergo JGenn.

Please reply privately.

The parents, Sydney and Gloria were citizens of the U.S. and were probably
born here in New York City. Joseph and Martin, their children were born
in the U.S., unfortunately, I do not know where.
Their paternal grandparents were born in Galicia at the time of the reign
of Franz Josef. The grandmother, Amalia Golde POLLISHUKE, was my great aunt
on my mother's side of my family.

Louis A. Fine
Bellingham WA98225

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