Re: 1632 Washington Ave, Bronx, NY #general

Hank Mishkoff

In answer to Bea Swart's question, I used Google Earth to zoom in on that
address and found that space currently occupied by a large warehouse.

There's also a fascinating new service called "Windows Live Local"
at It's still in beta-test, which means that it gets a
little cranky sometimes, and it doesn't cover the whole country yet, but it
offers an interesting "Bird's Eye" feature which I don't think Google Earth
offers (yet). It's >from Microsoft, which means that they may charge for it
someday, but it's free right now.

For example: I went to the site and entered "1632 Washington Ave, Bronx, NY" into
the "Where" box. It displays a map, and a message that Bird's Eye imagery is
available at that location. I clicked on the "bird's eye" link to see that view,
then on the icon that looks like tall buildings to get a close-up. One of the
most interesting features is a compass that you can click on to see the bird's
eye view >from any direction, which can give you a sense of perspective when
you're trying to see what the "old neighborhood" looks like today. It's a little
awkward to use (probably because it's incomplete), but it offers views that, as
far as I know, you won't get elsewhere.

Hank Mishkoff

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