Maiden names on Prague registration forms confirmed: ABELES -STEINSCHNEIDER #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I can now partially answer my own question - these are definitely maiden names
and somehow by blind-zapping, I managed to combine two functions - married name
first and maiden name in brackets - but how? It was in this situation I could
not click on the maiden names. I got back to the ABELES and found these four
and then I could open the Meldezettel and see that they were geb. POPPER

1 ABELES (Popper) VILHELMINE 1858 zobrazit
2 ABELES (Popper) MINA 1858 zobrazit
3 ABELES (Popper) Cecilie 1861 zobrazit
4 ABELES (Popper) Amalia 1851 zobrazit

In the process, I found my first transcription error and it will be of interest
to one of our Siggers: Meldezettel 1911/1912 for Emanuel ABELES born 1856 in
Pilsen. He was married to:

1. Thekla nee STEINSCHNEIDER born 1864 [mistranscribed as STEINSCHNEIBER]
2. Hermine nee POLLAK born 1872

My Czech has improved in the last 30 mins and I believe he changed {nyni?} his
name to ARENT.

More Glossary Words: [remember these things are hard if you do not speak the
language: zobrazit = click; dalsi = next or forwards; Predchozí= previous or
back. We definitely need an English instruction manual, to what will probably
be one of the most important genealogical resources we have.

BTW: who noticed the two men {Kaufmann] born in Isfahan living together in
Prague in 1879: Hussein [dob 1834] and Ali Abdel Kerim [dob 1851]. Hussein's
entry is a good example of word splitting in *narrow columns* - you can see in
the last column that he got his "visa" in Constantinople on 1. July 1876. Ali
got his in Vienna. I wonder where their descendants are today and could they be
aware of this amazing resource?

Celia Male [U.K.]

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