HOROVITZ Poland (Schidlitz?) to Alexandria, Egypt #general

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As my new grandson obviously has two sides to his family tree it was looking a
bit lopsided so I am now starting work on 'the other side".

Ethel and Yankel HOROVITZ lived in Poland, a town called "Schidlitz (?)". Their
son Abram moved to Alexandria, Egypt, in 1928. He was married to Miriam (family
name unknown) and they had a son called Yaakov born in 1935 and a daughter
Ethel. Abram had a brother who went to America. No contact.

Miriam died in 1958 and Abram died in 1962, in Alexandria. Yaakov moved to
Israel around 1956/1957. No contact with sister Ethel who is also in Israel.

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? And does anyone know how I can find
records for Alexandria? Are these on line? Unless any forthcoming information
hopefully)is of general interest, please reply privately.

Thanks for any help given.

Shirley Collier
usually East of London UK
In Shoham Israel until 2nd March

Researching: BIERMAN, Lublin; HARRIS, Sieradz; MUSLIN, Luscow

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