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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Shirley Collier writes: "Ethel and Yankel HOROVITZ lived in Poland, a town
called "Schidlitz (?)". Their son Abram moved to Alexandria, Egypt, in 1928.
He was married to Miriam (family name unknown) and they had a son called Yaakov
born in 1935 and a daughter Ethel. Abram had a brother who went to America.
No contact.

Miriam died in 1958 and Abram died in 1962, in Alexandria. Yaakov moved to
Israel around 1956/1957. No contact with sister Ethel who is also in Israel.
Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? And does anyone know how I can find
records for Alexandria? Are these on line? Unless any forthcoming information
hopefully) is of general interest, please reply

The very famous HOROVITZ family >from Alexandria was that of the world-class
jeweller, W. HOROVITZ at the prestigious address: xxx Rue Cherif Pasha. I
believe that this family had been in Egypt well before 1928 and I know their
descendants in Boston, Geneva and London.

Shirley's relative, Ethel HOROVITZ, certainly was not at school with me, but
there was a multitude of schools she might have attended and many have

I have the Alexandria phone books of 1947 and 1953 and in 1947, the only
HOROVITZ listed is the jeweller and an Oscar Horovitz who lived in an district
which was not that smart. By 1953, the jeweller was still there [and it was a
magnificent shop!], Oscar W had moved to a smarter address and we now have
Avimone and Theodore living in smart areas too. I have no idea if these could be
from Shirley's family before contacting the jeweller's family.
As for Alexandrians - we have an amazing worldwide network - see:

You can place a "lost" notice in the quarterly AAHA
Newsletter. There is a planned evening meeting of AAHA members in Ramat Gan on
11 May 2006 and I can supply a contact email address and telephone number

The Alexandria Jewish Community [now sadly a tiny one] holds all the vital
records at the synagogue in Rue Nebi Daniel. They charge though for any searches.
Please contact Lina Mattatia or Victor Ballassiano. The President is Dr Max
Salama and he is only there on a Monday and Thursday. Their address is 69 rue
Nebi Daniel, Alexandria. I also have their phone no.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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