Searching for Jeff TAYLOR in England #general

Frajerman <fraj@...>


Seeking information on the family of Jeff TAYLOR, Professor of History. He
was living in Woodhayes Road - Wimbledon - England, in the sixties. I sent
a mail but it was returned.

I would like to know how his wife, Danielle LIPMAN, is the daughter of a
*cousin* of my father, alav hashalom.

I am grateful for any leads or information.

Reouven Frajerman (Israel)

Researching: FRAYERMAN, Koretz, Novograd-Volin; ZABOVER, Varsovie; WAINFELD,
Odessa, Berditchev; HOLLANDERSKI, Vistynis, Suvalki; PLOTZIZKI, Suvalki;
LEWINSON, Suvalki; TAIEB, Tunis.

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