Odp: Genealogical research in Warsaw, Poland #general

Julia Koszewska <julia_koszewska@...>

just two remarks:
participating in The March of The Living won't give you the time to make a
research. to make a research in Warsaw you can ask for some help in Jewish
Historical Institute or some private genealogical researchers.
Informations about archives and informations available about genealogy in
Poland you may find on JRI-Poland website.

If you would like me to help, do not hesitate to write/ask.

Regards >from Warsaw- Julia

taltman@gmail.com wrote:

I'm going on the March of the Living trip this year, and I'm trying to
see if it would be possible or useful to attempt to conduct some
genealogical research while I'm in Poland. My grandfather and his
family lived in Warsaw. Though the trip will visit Warsaw, it will be
on a weekend, so any resources that I might be able to search through
will most likely be closed. I'm seriously considering travelling to
Poland a few days earlier than the main trip, in order that I might
conduct some research before joining the main trip. My main questions
are what resources are in Poland that would be invaluable for my
research, and whether it would be beneficial to go there in person (as
opposed to contacting them via email, FAX, or written correspondence)?

Any information or advice that you could provide along these lines
would be greatly appreciated.

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