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emanuel rappaport <erapp1937@...>

I'm trying to trace my family. I'm pretty new to this so what help you can
give me, will help.
I checked with the New York Census of 1920 and did get information. My
Grandfather, Morris RAPPAPORT and Grandmother Sarah (don't know the last
name) came >from Romania in 1885(I don't know the town). They lived at 445
Wyona Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. They had 2 children Katie and Harry. Harry
was born in 1909. Morris was born around 1868 and was in the Dry Cleaning
line. Katie married a Jack Chriso(not sure of the spelling). Harry
married Lena Samalion in Brooklyn in 1931. My Mother Lena SAMALION was born
in Argentina in 1912.. Her family came >from Russia about 1912 Well that's
all I have, as you can see I need help.


Emanuel Rappaport
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