Hospital Records / Cause of Death - NYC #general

JACOB SUSAN JURISZ <suejurisz@...>

My husband's Aunt Lillie died in December 1953 in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital.
The death certificate gives no specific cause of death. A recent medical
issue has surfaced in the family which makes this a pertinent question, as
she was only 45 when she died.

I found an e-mail in the Discussion Group archives that stated: 1) Brooklyn
Jewish Hospital is now part of the Interfaith Medical Center and 2) medical
records in New York are only kept for 50 years. Is this a hard and fast
rule? (I am hoping that perhaps the hospital might be lagging behind in its
record retention work, and they would still have her record.)

To quote >from the death certificate:

". . .it was due to *natral causes* more fully described in the confidential
medical report filed with the Department of Health."

Should I call the hospital, or should I call the Department of Health?

I would like to hear >from anyone who has tried to obtain old NYC records,
whether successful or not. Thanks for your help!


Sue Jurisz
New Hope, MN

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