Re: Looking for the Rappaport's #general

Roger Lustig <julierog@...>

The most important step you can take is to enter your surnames and towns
of interest in the JewishGen Family Finder. is where you start. You'll need to
register (it's free!), and you can be as anonymous as you want--just a
number, or a name, or your address as well. Once there, you can search
for others who are researching RAPPAPORT or SAMALION or Argentina or
Romania or wherever, and when you find them, you can email them
directly. Not only that, but *you* may have the key to someone else's
genealogical mystery, and JGFF is how they'll find you.

And thanks to D-M Soundex, you won't even have to be sure of the
spellings! So come and join the 200,000 folks already listed. JGFF, in
my opinion, is the single most powerful tool we have for research into
individual genealogies.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ

emanuel rappaport wrote:

I'm trying to trace my family. I'm pretty new to this so what help you can
give me, will help.
I checked with the New York Census of 1920 and did get information. My
Grandfather, Morris RAPPAPORT and Grandmother Sarah (don't know the last
name) came >from Romania in 1885(I don't know the town). They lived at 445
Wyona Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. They had 2 children Katie and Harry. Harry
was born in 1909. Morris was born around 1868 and was in the Dry Cleaning
line. Katie married a Jack Chriso(not sure of the spelling). Harry
married Lena Samalion in Brooklyn in 1931. My Mother Lena SAMALION was born
in Argentina in 1912.. Her family came >from Russia about 1912 Well that's
all I have, as you can see I need help.

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