Posen Research #general

Ben Forman <ben.forman@...>

Hi Guys

I have birth dates and places for my Posen ancestors, I even have a near
definate genalogy of my SAWADY ancestors in Ryczvol/Ryztchenwalde going
back to 1834. However I would like to confirm the data I have by getting
birth/death/marriage certificates. Are there any groups out there who
have access to this information?

I have found a reference to the Microfilm of the Naturalised Jews of
Posen 1834/1835 I am assuming that this is a reference to the same
publication that Lars Menk and some others have access to and have
already provided me information from.
There is also reference to a list of Posen Jewish Families >from
1800-1850 FHL 1334544 which is in Hebrew and Yiddish, and I was
wondering if anyone had experience or information >from this film as I do
not speak or read Hebrew or Yiddish.

Cheers for the advice

Ben Forman
manchester UK

searching: FURMAN: Kaluszyn; CAHN: Koeln; BERNSTEIN: Ylakai, STILLMAN: =
Pilica/Czestechowa; SAWADY: Zavadi, Ritchenswalde; GEVER: Daugavpils

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