Little-known gen source: NYC employees, 1883 to present #general


According to an article in today's New York Times, a list of 267,000
current employees of New York City is now available. For some reason,
the list excludes employees of the Board of Education.

The Civil List, in its current format, has been published every year since
1883. The current civil list, 6,685-pages long, lists 267,000 public
employees. It is filed away in the city's Records Department, together with
all previous Civil Lists. The current list (and I don't know how many years
from the past) can be viewed in facsimile at

I deduct >from the article that the names are arranged alphabetically. Until
some point in the past, the list included home addresses of the employees.

The article refers to a civil list of 1693, but does not explain where, if
anywhere, that list is available. Apparently, the Civil List is an old
British institution; I suspect, therefore, that such lists may be available
also in the UK and in other US cities. According to the Times, awareness of the
existence of the list is limited to a "handful of genealogists and connoisseurs
of the civil service system."

The full NY Times article can be found online at:

I look forward to hearing more on this forum >from those who have explored
this list.

Michael Bernet, New York

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