Re: Willwacze/Willachia Romania #general

Sam Wolff <baalh@...>

I would suggest beginning in the Jewish cemetery of
Craiova, capital of the region. I have been there, and
the book of names of those buried there is accessible
and well organized (in alphabetical order according to
family name). No knowledge of Romanian is necessary to
read the names in the book.

Sam Wolff

I am in a terrible dilemma. For almost 10 years I have
been doing genealogy basing my search on what I thought was the
village/town of my grandparents which I was led to believe was
called Willwacze or Willachia (pronounced Vilok) which is in
Romania. I have now been told that this is not a town but
an area. According to my both grandparents ships logs they both
as well as all their family put last place of residence as
Willwacze/ Willachia. Now how am I to find out which town or
village they really did come from.

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