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Zvi Bernhardt

Your question shows how important it is, when looking at an entry in our
database >from a Page of Testimony to look at the original, and if you don't
understand all the langauges it is written in, get someone who does to look
at it. In fact, on the Page of Testimony in question it says that Hirsz
Zwi Murski died in Siberia, but the person who typed it in didn't notice it,
because it is written in small unclear handwriting. So, in this case, as
we are dealing with correcting our typing rather than changing what is
written on a Page of Testimony, we have no problem doing it. Do note that
it usually takes months between the time we make a correction in our
database and when it can be seen on our online database, as we only update
the online version every three months. Currently it usually takes longer,
because of technical problems having to do with our current project of
translating the database into Russian.
Zvi Bernhardt
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I think it's very important to keep in mind that the purpose of the
database as I understand it is primarily memorialization and not to create
a dababase of historically factual information about individual holocaust
victims that would neccessarily stand up under scrutiny. However, I think
when people do POT's they should keep in mind the concept of historical
accuracy and the veracity of the information they plan to put in the POT.
It is frustrating when you see information in the POT that is false.
I was told that there is no way to remove the errant POT, but I think I
can file another one with the corrected information?

Tilford Bartman

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