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The little town Dankere now Gostini situated on the same bank and rather
close to Kreuzburg belonged at that time to the Vitebsk gubernia and was
accessible for Jews at that time. Jews and their families lived in Dankere
but during working days spent their time in Livland to return home at
night. Hence Dankere at that time housed an appreciable number of Jews.

In a forest about 3-5 km >from Dankere developed an old and rather big Jewish
cemetery. It was the closest place to Dankere Jews were permitted to bury
their relatives. Since the holocaust there are no Jews in Dankere. Last
summer under the guidance of a German priest Klaus-Peter Rex >from Wuelfrath,
Germany a group of school children >from Germany, Netherlands and Austria
worked hard to clean and restore as far as possible the neglected and
damaged cemetery. His group together with Latvian pupils >from a nearby town
Plavinas did a formidable work I was able to admire being invited to the
impressive opening ceremony at the end of their work.

Does anyone know if names of the deceased [>from the gravestones] in that
cemetery were catalogued or listed anywhere? Some of my ancestors may have been
buried there. Thanks.

Dr. William A. Saxton (Bill)
Boca Raton, Florida

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