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Alex Bachrach at wrote on 3/12/06 1:47 AM:

This is an invaluable reference source and all credit goes to those who
contributed to putting it online.
I agree wholeheartedly. It accounts for the only independent pre-war
verification of the existence of one of my relatives and paints unique
pictures of both my ancestral towns.

My only complaint(?) is that this PDF
document seems to be 'locked' and cannot be printed in one session. It
seems that some if not all of the pages can be printed only individually.
In addition, another 'lock' on the document seems to prevent the viewer from
being able to utilize the search feature available in PDF documents enabling
quick and efficient searches for listings in the book. Any assistance or
comments are greatly appreciated.
Well, yes, it seems that the output is "locked" in several respects, I
guess, as a way of maintaining control over the material, measures about
which I have mixed feelings.

As far as search capabilities: Although these are PDF files, they contain
nothing but images --essentially, photographs-- of the original pages. To
the computer they contain nothing but masses of dots -- more or less-- and
as such, they cannot be searched. The images must be transformed into
textual information (computer "ABC's") first, after which searches become
possible. That requires a lot of work, some of which may be aided by
computer programs, but most of which requires human talents and hard work.

What I did for my own interests is to display the relatively short entries
on my ancestral towns at high magnification and --as I can read French
reasonably well-- I made English translations of each, which are fully
searchable, to which I refer >from time to time. This method is probably
not so practical for the larger entries, I'm guessing, which may be more
than an individual casual translator could handle.

By the way, I would be pleased to donate these translations back to the
project. If everyone did so, many more people could benefit -- even if such
work isn't quite up to professional standards. I checked into the Project
documents to see how to contribute these translations, but I got the
impression that the Project is looking for work >from people with more skills
and commitment.

Henry Neugass
Palo Alto, CA USA

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