Descendants of Beile Sossie ZUCKERMAN and Chaim Leib FREUND #general

Leah and Eli Teicher

Dear Genners,
Beile Sossie ZUCKERMAN was married to Chaim Leib FREUND, in the mid 19th
century. They had a daughter named Sarah Leah. All were born and lived in
Chyrow, Ukraine. These details are given in JRI Poland.

Chaim FREUND left (then) Poland to the U.S.A he was 44 years old.
Chaim FREUND was born on 1867, came to the U.S.A on May 31st 1911 (Ellis
Island data). He declared he had come >from Chyrow and that he had left there
his wife Beile Sossie . He also added that he had come to his brother in law
Itzchak (Isaac)ZUCKERMAN, who to my opinion was his wife's brother.
Since my paternal family is ZUCKERMAN >from Chyrow I wonder if they had more
children, if BEILE had joined him, and most important -
Who are their descendants?
I assume Beile and Itzchak ZUCKERMAN were my great grandfather's (Menachem
Yehuda) brothers. Mainly because OF 2 REASONS:
1) Many of our cousins have those private names: Beile , Isaac, Leah, Sarah.
2) Chyrow then a little village with a large ZUCKERMAN family there

I hope someone has any idea how to look for them, or knows any details. I
would appreciate it very much.
Happy Purim,
Please answer to

Dr. Leah Teicher,
Searching: ZUCKERMAN, FREUND, JUST (YUST), HERTZBERG - >from Chyrow , Krosno,
Jaslo, Tarnobrzeg, Sanok, Zmigrod, Przemysle). TEICHER, SCHUBER (SZUBER) - >from
Zablatov, Kolomea, Rudki, Kulsszkowce all in Galicia.
SIDI, ASHER - >from Izmir, Turkey.

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