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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

David Regos asks if any one knew a magician: <"his full name was Hans Eric
ELSBACH, born .. Dortmund, Germany .. 1921 .... moved to Holland in 1939 .. was
captured by the Nazis and placed in concentration camps .... survived by
performing magic ...">

I first came across Hans ELSBACH when I screened all the magicians >from Vienna
and the former Habsburg Crown Lands of Bohemia and Moravia [now Czech Rep.]
listed here:

Hans {TRIXER} ELSBACH joined the tragic band of people who somehow managed to
survive or extend their lives in concentration camps because their artistic or
other qualities endeared them to their sadistic captors.

Alma ROSE [*e* accent], born 1906, was probably one of the best known of these.
Her mother, Justine, was Gustav MAHLER's sister. Her father, Arnold [ne
ROSENBLUM] in Jassy, 24 0ct. 1863], was one of the leading musicians in Vienna.
One of Alma's [violinist] greatest admirers was the gruesome Mengele and it is
said that he mourned her death >from food poisoning.

Hans ELSBACH [Dortmund, July 26, 1921 - New Orleans, September 23, 1994] was a
jeweller - who ran a bookshop in Dortmund and taught himself magic in 1936
from a classic German book. Like Alma [a violinist and concentration camp
orchestra leader] Hans stayed alive by performing magic acts for the guards and
prisoners. In 1952, he moved to Rhodesia [which once had a sizeable Jewish
community] to become director of a large diamond corporation. For Jews of
Rhodesia, see David Bloom's website:

On the magicians' website, you will find references to two books which hopefully
give more details. There is also some correpondence of ELSBACH with photographer
Eliot ELISOFON at the archives at the University of Texas, Austin:

I have found that POTs have been written for two ELSBACH brothers >from Dortmund
or Hoerde: father Levy ELSBACH and mother Emilie nee GOLDSCHMIDT:

1. Julius [dob 27 Nov. 1882] was married to Helene nee LOEWENSTEIN. You will
also find Helene and Julius have POTs submitted by their daughter, Hilda
GOLENDER and nephew Hans HEIMANN in Israel. Walter, son of Julius & Helena; born
Dortmund 1913 has POT submitted by Hilda GOLDNER [sic] & Hans. Multiple POTs
for each.

3. Willi - single, an engineer has 4 POTs with photographs - [dob 8 June 1884].

I suspect these are relatives of Hans ELSBACH. Julius had a shop - perhaps that
is the jewellery shop Hans trained at? One recent testimony submitter [reseacher}
is Alex SALM who lives in Germany and is a survivor.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: Search Yad vashem for ELSBACH Dortmund, Hoerde and Koeln to find all
these POTs. We remember all these victims here today.

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