Re: The JC Archive - using it in conjunction with Microfilm #general

Nick <tulse04-news@...>

"Nick" <> wrote in message
As it says searching the archive is free, whereas they charge for viewing
and printing items. Therefore the search engine can be used to identify
potential items of interest, and with these one can go to a university
which has the JC on microfilm.
Someone has written to me privately that I have not made it clear what JC
Archive is referring to.

JC is the London Jewish Chronicle and the website is

Nick Landau
London, UK

COHNREICH (Anklam, Germany Krajenka, Poland) ATLAS (Wielkie Oczy (near
Lvov/Lemberg), Poland) WEITZMAN (Cracow), WECHSLER(Schwabach, Germany)
KOHN/WEISSKOPF (Wallerstein and Kleinerdlingen,Germany) LANDAU (only adopted
on leaving Belarus or later)/FREDKIN (?) (Gomel, Mogilev, Chernigov,

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