Where did they come from? Why say near large town or Gubernia? #general

Gloria Bailey <GAB123@...>

Aaron Fink asked why would his family member say he was >from Lomza the
Gubernia rather than the town he was born in?

I can only say that my grandfather always said he was >from Minsk, though we
knew he belonged to the Slutsker branch of the Workman's Circle. I learned
from a taped interview with his older brother that he was actually born in
Romanova and later lived in Slutsk, but never in the city of Minsk. I think
it is clear that he was naming a place people would have heard of rather
than the actual small town. Often he just said he was >from "Russia", and
then said Minsk if people asked where in Russia.

Gloria AULETTA Bailey, Everett, Washington
Searching OSHEROWITZ/GINSBERG/GINSBURG in Romanovo and Slutsk and

Hi All:
I have a few pieces of evidence pointing to the FINKELSTEIN family I am
researching comes >from Lomza. I know that Lomza can be referred to as the
town and as the Gubernia.
I have located a WWI Draft Card that lists Israel FINKELSTEIN's birth town
as Lomza. (Adding this to the other evidence I have, I know that the
family is at least >from the Lomza Gubernia.) My question is this: Would
someone on a questionnaire like this, answer the question "Where were you
with the answer Lomza, if they did only live in the Gubernia, not the town.
Or if being asked that question thousands of miles away >from where you were
actually born (and knowing the person reading it would not really know
either locale) you would just be very general. I know my questions is very
subjective, but I would like opinions.
Thank you,
Have a great day!
Aaron M Fink

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