Do you have a Napoleon 1812 story? #general

Nancy Holden

Do you have a Napoleon 1812 story?

Roots-Key, the journal of JGSLA is collecting information about the
Napoleon's Russian Campaign of 1812. We hope to be able to plot the route
from Kovno to Moscow with your stories. Napoleon's army covered a broad
front stretched north and south through Kovno, Vilna, Svensionys, Vitebsk,
Mogilev and Minsk, bordered by the Pripet Marshes on the south. . .crossing
the Nieman, the Dneiper, and the Berezino Rivers. . .with major battles in
Smolensk, Borisov and Borodino. Every village and villager was affected.
Construction, demolition, pillage, disease and death threatened every shtetl
and town in his path.

If you have a story, no matter how insignificant or obscure it sounds, we
would like to hear it. If you would like to participate in this JGSLA
project, please contact us.

Nancy Holden

Editor, Roots-Key

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