NY marriage info for my grandparents- interesting discrepancies #general

Deb(orah) Cohen Skolnik

I just got my paternal grandparents' ketubah
translated, thanks to the quick response of three
folks on this list (all of whom have been privately
thanked. I have had a lot of trouble finding the NY
State registration for their marriage, but now that I
have the exact date >from the ketubah, it should
theoretically be easier to get the secular document,

Well, the trouble is that the names don't quite match,
nor does the date. I'm betting that it's the right
record anyway, and I'll send for a copy, but just to
share (and reinforce how flexible we need to be with
names), here's the *real* info, and what appears in
the database:


Known in the U.S. as Barney or Barnet Cohen, Bere
Kissin in Russia.

Database calls him Benjamin Cohen.


Known in the U.S. as Bessie -- was Pesha Solutuzkyn in

Database calls her Bessie Suftuskiss.

Marriage date is shown on the ketubah as Monday, Aug.
17, 1908.

Marriage date in the NY database is Aug. 16.

No wonder it takes a lot of detective work to figure
all this stuff out!

But it wouldn't be possible without the help of people
on this list. Again, I thank those who helped
specifically, and those who have helped me in the

Best regards,

Debbie Cohen Skolnik
Fairview, NC (near Asheville)

Brooklyn NY and unknown location in Russia/Poland,
LANDE/LANDY/LONDIN in Bialystok and Chicago, IL and
GARBARZ/GERBER in Ostrowa, Poland and Chicago, IL

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