Re: Census deciphering #general

Mark Jacobson

Aaron M Fink writes: I need help deciphering a 1900
census, please:

Celia Male asked about this page, >from the 1900 US
Census, whether this was a standard coding and how to
interpret it.
These were codes written in colored pencil onto the
original census pages by tabulators, compiling census
statistics for the government. This was not a part of
the acutal census enumeration process. The colors from
the pencils, which were supposed to show that they
were not part of the original census, were lost when
the census forms were microfilmed in black & white and
the originals destroyed.
Here is a quote >from Steve Morse from discussing the
occupational codes on the 1930 census as part of his
code deciphering tool: "These codes were put on the
census pages well after the enumeration was done, and
therefore provide no additional information. However,
sometimes knowing the code can help you determine the
occupation in cases where the quality of the microfilm
is poor or the handwriting of the enumerator is
difficult to read."
Here is the coding for the 1900 census >from IPUMS for
the occupational codes:
The codes over the name are other coding which doesn't
appear to have any significance at this point.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

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