Re: Seeking location of obscure shtetl #general

tom klein <jewishgen@...>

What I can tell you for sure is that "Wegry" is Polish for Hungary, so you might
be looking in the wrong country, or with the wrong spelling (Polish and
Hungarian orthography being significantly different). Neither "Tetsek" nor
"Tetoz" looks or sounds like an actual Hungarian word or place name, but more
like a translation into Polish.

A look at the distribution of STEINMETZs in the 1891 industry and trade
directory of Hungary shows that 18 of the 30 hits are in Maramaros county, with
the rest very scattered. And there happens to be a place called Te'cso:
(Tyachev in Ukranian, Tesc in Yiddish, Tetsch in German) in Maramaros county,
although I wouldn't exactly describe it as "obscure".

So that's at least one possible avenue of research.

Tom klein, Toronto

"Barb & Howard" <> wrote:

Have located a birth mother Nisil STEINMETZ, the father's name was Pinkas
WEISS in Zydaczow, whose coordinates are 4923-2408; in Stanislawow

However, what I am actively seeking is Nisil's Shtetl of origin which is
shown alternatively as either Tetsek or Tetoz (Wegry). I have not been able
to find it in Shtetl Seeker.

Does anybody know where this obscure shtetl might have been located? As
this place is possibly the location that I am trying to identify where my
father, had once said, they took refuge with STEINMETZ relatives. That was
during August of 1916 when he, his mother, and siblings were fleeing the
battle zone around Rohatyn, Galicia, during WW I. Any knowledge about this
shtetl or details about Nesil STEINMETZES' family who lived there would also
be sincerely appreciated.

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