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Alexander Sharon

"Dr. Josef ASH" wrote

I search the BASICHIS family >from Koidanovo (now Dzrezhinsk, near Minsk)
in Belarus.
In the Ellis Island database I found four young girls BASICHES, who
arrived by "Aquitania" >from Cherbourg on Sept 9, 1921.
It would be wonderful, but the town of the last residence is clearly typed
as Kojdanor. I understand, that the hand-written "v" and "r" may be
interchanged, but the country is typed as Poland. Minsk was always
included in the USSR and is not in the Western Belarus, which was the part
of Poland until the WWII.
I couldn't find Kojdanor in Poland, the name doesn't soud like a Polish
word. May be the researchers of Poland know such a shtetl?
I would like to adopt these girls into the family, but how can I manage
their "last residence"?
Thank you,

Listed in Ellis Island records town "Kujdanor" most probably should read
Kujdanow (currently Kuydanov in western Ukraine).
This town was located in Buczacz district, Tarnopol Province.

Please note that there over 80 entries for Baseches (also spelled as
Basiches, Basseches) in JGI-P database for the Tarnopol region alone and
more are isted in the nearby Stanislawow Province.

I could not verify names of the four young ladies listed in the Ellis Island
manifest since the JRI-P listed records are mostly cover the XIX century


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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