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On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 16:41:21 UTC, (Mel Comisarow) opined:

As I understand it, "shtetl" means "town" in European Yiddish, but in
New World Yiddish it means "tiny village", what would be a "dorf" in
European Yiddish. Helen's father is >from a "dorfala". In Russian, a

Mel Comisarow
Vancouver BC
If usage on this forum is a guide to "New World Yiddish", then "shtetl" can
mean any place in Eastern or Central Europe with a Jewish population, even a
city; unfortunately, that empties the word of any meaning at all.

"Khutor" (note spelling) is a *vey* small place, an *especially* tiny "group of
houses", even a single farmhouse with its outbuildings. Russian is
especially rich in its inventory of names for what are lumped together in
officialese as "Populated Points".

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