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Alexander Sharon

"Michael Trapunsky" wrote

Hi all,

Does anyone know what city Kurosvenky, Poland would be today? I am trying
to research a WAJSWOL family that came >from there.

Town correct name is Kurozweki, pron. [kooh roh zve nkee], prior to WWII in
Stopnica district, Kielce Province.

Town location: 5035 2106, about 3 miles NW >from town Staszow.

Jewish population prior to WWII: 224 souls (22% of the total residents).
H. Wajswol is listed as butcher in this town (Re: 1929 Poland Business

There are 6 entries for town Kurozweki in JGFF database.

As you searching for Wajswol ancestors throug JRI-P database, please review
Kielce and Radom Guberniyas, since the border between those administration
regions was close to Kurozweki, and shtetl's records are located in Stopnica
(Kielce) and in Staszow (Radom). Other Wajswols have been concentarting in
Lodz region (Piotrkow Guberniya).

JRI-P Kurozweki surnames list:
Refer also to Staszow Yzkor Book:

You should also join Kielce-Radom SIG, the oldest and largest SIG in

Good luck with your search

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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