Re: Jewish Categories & Family Relations #general

Vivian Kahn

What I meant to say was that I had two Levite *Great* grandfathers.
Responses to my inquiry confirmed by suspicion that my brother is a
Levite because our father was a Levite. The reason that I asked the
question was because of the message regarding "pidyan
haben" (redemption of the first-born). I was not aware of this

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

My maternal grandfather was a Kohen and both of my paternal
grandfathers were Levites. Because my father was a Levite, I was
under the impression that my brother was also a Levite. HIs MtDNA
is >from my mother's maternal line, not >from the distinguished Kohen
paternal line shared by several of my male KAHN cousins. Three
decades ago, I wasn't thinking about the problems I would create for
my descendants when I decided to take my mother's maiden name (Kahn)
as my surname. These tribal designations help us to untangle our
roots and establish our own identities but our carefully maintained
records are probably far more important and useful.

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