Skierniewice : Soldiers in Yiska Book #general

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I gratefully received this translation of the text >from a lister

The Jewish soldiers felt at home in Skernievitz where they were surrounded
with warmth and friendliness. Some of them particpated in the business life
of the city, and remained there when they were released >from the
military.They mingled with the girls, married and with the aid of t heir
inlaws opened stores of their own.

NB one reason for stetl grooms coming >from distant stetl !!

The soldiers in the group ( thanks to Murray Freedman )
from right back row: Hershel Shuster, unknown, Chaimel Tsukermacher.(
Sugarmaker )
from right front row: Aharon Bialik, Moshe Yakobovitz, Herschel Moshe

Moshe Yakobovitz , I recognise as my father's brother - a POW in WW1.
The other names are unknown to me in Skierniewice.

Aubrey Jacobus


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