Re: Cohanim, Leviim and Yisraelim #general

Israel P


However Ashkenazi Levites and Sephardi Levites do not share a common
ancestor with each other.
What might prompt you to say that?

The theory put foreward is that the Ashkenazi
common ancestor comes >from the subsuming of the Khazar Levite class into
the Ashkenazi gene pool at the timeof the fall of the Khazars.
There cannot be - by definition - a Khazar Levite, since a person is a levite
by virtue of being a descendant of Levi, who obviously was not a Khazar. In
any case, the Khazar converts are history except in the minds of those who
would use the story to cast aspersions on the Ashkenazi Jews' heritage. This
is a particular favorite of those who would deny the Jews' connection to the
Land of Israel.

Israel Pickholtz

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