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If you want to continue this discussion further we should probably take
it off list, but just for the benefit of the list, I am sorry if anyone
felt I was casting "aspersions on the Ashkenazi Jews' heritage"

What might prompt you to say that?
Have a look at my previous email and also the reply >from Simon Tardell
where he writes

The Levi study is Behar et al., Multiple Origins of Ashkenazi Levites:
Y Chromosome Evidence for Both Near Eastern and European Ancestries, Am.
J. Hum. Genet. 73:768-779, 2003.

Have a read of the study and see what you think.

There cannot be - by definition - a Khazar Levite, since a person is a levite
by virtue of being a descendant of Levi, who obviously was not a Khazar

Presumably Khazar Levites can exist in the same way a German Levite may
move to France take a French Jewish wife and his son would be a French
Levite. Although I don not know if if the French Jewish wife was a
convert would the son still be a Levite?

The Khazar converts are indeed history, they were documented at the
time, their subsequent dissapearence and possible integrartion into
wider Ashkenazi culture does not belittle or negate anyones rights or
beliefs in my opinion. Theorys surrounding any Khazar diaspora are just
that, and as noted in both Simon Tardell's and Michael Bernet's replies
have yet to be proved conclusively,I was merely expressing one point of
view possibly evidenced in the study noted above.

Sorry for any insult caused,

All the best,

Ben Forman
manchester UK

searching: FURMAN: Kaluszyn; CAHN: Koeln; BERNSTEIN: Ylakai, STILLMAN:
Pilica/Czestechowa; SAWADY: Zavadi; GEVER: Daugavpils

MODERATOR NOTE: Ben is right. This message will end this subject. Thank you.

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