Washington Cemetery question #general

Marty <mdmajor@...>

Dear Genners,

My great grandparents were buried in Washington Cemetery in 1891
and 1892. I wrote a letter to the cemetery addressing it to 5820
Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11204 on February 3rd of this year which
included their names and the dates of burial asking for the
location of their graves and enclosed a sase and a check for any
expenses incurred. The check has not been cashed and I have not
had any response. In some places the address of the cemetery is
listed as 5400 Bay Pkwy, but at the United States Postal Service
site it says that address is non-deliverable and mail will be

In checking the Jewish Gen archives, there have been discussions
about Washington Cemetery a few years ago. I am wondering if I
should write another letter addressing it to the 5400 Bay Pkwy at
MacDonald Avenue or should I telephone to see if I could get
information over the phone? Is there a particular weekday that
is less busy than others?

Thank you.

Marguerite Major
Chittenango, NY, USA
Searching DeVRIES, Jacob, Amsterdam, Holland -> New York, NY ca 1852
KATZ, Julia, Hesse, Germany -> New York, NY ca 1867

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