Zembin = Zjembin #belarus

Jules Feldman

See the book by Geoff Sifrin " To Gershn - Tales of People of Zjembin" ,
Johannesburg 1995

He brings there "Raizel's Story'' - the final 15 years of Zjembin in the
words of Raizel (Shifrin ) Ander.
On page 76-77 there is a list of some of the families murdered in Zjembin.
Among them are " Podnos family , the fire chief and his wife (his children
were in Moscow)"

You can contact Geoff in Johannesburg

Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel

I have been spending a lot of time looking into revision lists and ship
manifests and I have come up to a brick wall. I am looking for my great
grandmothers family: Pudnos or Podnos >from Zembin. I am sure her father,
Moshe Pudnos b. around 1848, had sisters. I have yet to find mariage

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