Re: Canadian information #general

david nathan <d.nathan1@...>

Hi Genners,

You really are a generous lot - and I make no apology for the pun.

Yesterday I posted a question about my uncle and aunt, Bert and Lisa NATHAN,
of Montreal, with whom we have not had any contact for over 30 years. No
less than seven people (and I am still counting!) have, so far come back to
me with suggestions, one of them almost certainly found definite information
of the kind I have been seeking. And all this is less than 24 hours
(including the time differences of between 5-8 hours)

This is truly amazing - and puts the Canadian statistics and records
authorities to shame.

I am based in London, England, in the north-eastern suburb of Ilford, so if
there's anything I can do to repay that assistance, please do not hesitate
to ask.

With sincere wishes for a happy Passover to all.

David Nathan, London, England

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