Harry GREENBERG - Liberty, NY 1930s #general

Roseanne Greenberg

I am looking for any information on where my grandfather, Harry
GREENBERG is buried. He lived in Liberty, NY and was probably
buried somewhere near there. He was born around 1885 in
Russia?, and died in 1936? (at the age of 51) in Liberty, NY.
Liberty, NY is upstate NY, near Monticello. His only son, my father,
Bernard Greenberg died in August, may they both rest in peace.

My family is in the process of deciding what to put on my father's
tomb stone, and I wish to have my grandfather's Hebrew name, but
I don't know where he is buried or how else to find out his Hebrew
name other than looking at the tomb stone.

I have tried searches of the S Social Security Death Index without
success. I am greatfull for any information, suggestions, or help
you can provide.

Thank you

Roseanne Shoshana Greenberg

email: Roseanne.Greenberg@...

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