Re: Stephen Morse's One-Step is Non-Stop #general


Stephen Morse's web site allows you to access the EIDB. The EIDB
transcribers, not Morse entered the information >from the passenger
lists. It is the EIDB treanscribers who didn't get all the names
right. This particular topic has been discussed on this forum many
times before. See the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

budblaher wrote:

I read all the hurrahs about Stephen Morse's website. I first tried
the EIDB. I input my cousin's name, "Michal" and surname. Result:
no such name on the list. I tried the Morse one-step with the same
results. I then insert only the last name, "Luft", in the EIDB. Up
came over 200 names. One of the names intrigued me, "Sinabab", because
it had the right shtetl, Janowa, and age 2. I then searched for the
manifest. Lo and behold, the manifest showed this 2 year old with his
mother Freda, brother Harry, and uncle Mendel, all of whom I am quite
familiar with. Looking at the handwriting, it certainly was spelled
"Michal". My question is how did the EIDB come up with Sinabab. And
how did the meticulous Morse crew manage to overlook this one?
Neither website had a Michal Luft (later called Max). How many others
have they skipped over? I have other Lufts whom I have been unable to
locate. There were 4 brothers, including Mendel, and 2 sisters. Only
Freda's husband appears on the list of Lufts

Morris Blaher
Apopka, FL USA

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