Re: Stephen Morse's One-Step is Non-Stop #general

Yehudh bn Shlmo

In answer to the posting below. I looked at the
manifest, and I can see where someone might confuse
the name on the manifest with sinabab. Maybe it only
looks that way for old people with trifocals, but
people make mistakes and after staring at badly
written names by people for hours, who only try to
match what the people said in their native tongue with
English, it could end up as a best guess.

What I want to say is that I have used commercial
sites available at my local library and at the NARA
for Census reports for a long time. I found that they
are as accurate on indexing as Steve Morse's Site
which is free of charge. And the Census reports were
written by Americans. Also Steve Morse is not just a
name on the site. I contacted the site three times in
the past year when I could not locate who I was
looking for. Twice I was contacted by Steve himself
and helped with the problem. What more can I say.

Yehudah ben Shlomo

*** budblaher wrote:

I read all the hurrahs about Stephen Morse's website.
I first tried the EIDB. I input my cousin's name,
Michal" and surname. Result: no such name on the
list. I tried the Morse one-step with the same
results. I then insert only the last name, "Luft", in
the EIDB. Up came over 200 names. One of the names
intrigued me, "Sinabab", because it had the right
shtetl, Janowa, and age 2. I then searched for the
manifest. Lo and behold, the manifest showed this 2
year old with his mother Freda, brother Harry, and
uncle Mendel, all of whom I am quite familiar with.
Looking at the handwriting, it certainly was spelled
"Michal". My question is how did the EIDB come up
with Sinabab. And how did the meticulous Morse crew
manage to overlook this one?

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