BELAIEF in Brooklyn, NY naturalization/ original name? #general


Dear Genners,
I am doing research for my childhood friend and I need some suggestions. I
am trying to discover the original name and town for the BELAIEF family that
lived in Brooklyn, NY >from roughly 1888. They were soda water manufacturers
(the seltzer man!)

What I know:
I have found the family in the all the censuses available. In 1900, the name
was recorded as "BILEJEFF." In 1910, it is recorded as Belaief. In 1920,
BALAND, and in 1930, it is Belaief again.

Morris was born in Russia in roughly 1860. So he was about 28 when he arrived.
He married Naomi KITAJ / KITAM. I found her passenger arrival as Naumi Kitam
on 8 Dec 1890. She was 19 years old and single. She was >from Babrusk, Poland.

They had their first child, Abraham, born on 9 November 1891, so they lost
no time in child-bearing. My guess is that they married in late December 1890
or January/February 1891.
I have found the birth certificates for their first three children -- all
are under the name BELAJEW.

I cannot seem to find a marriage certificate during that time period. I have
been going through the Brooklyn marriage records and I have noticed that the
dates are definitely *not* in order of certificate numbers. People seem to
have gotten married much earlier and at some later date went and recorded the
marriage. (Also, not many Jewish "sounding" names. And the Italians all
recorded in large clumps!) I'll try the index next, but since I don't really know
the groom's last name that's going to be a bit harder. Of course, it is
possible that they were already married in Russia and she just listed herself as
single on the manifest and traveled under her maiden name.

Could they have had an arranged marriage? Because of how quickly they
married and had children, that would be my guess. So would that mean that Morris is
likely >from the same town?

What is anyone's best suggestion of what Morris' original name was?

I can't seem to find a record of Morris' naturalization, as that might help
with the originnal name and/or town. By the 1910 Census, he lists that he is
Any ideas on what court?
I will be in New York City next week and was planning on going to the City
Archives and the National Archives office. Any suggestions for plans of attack
from those of you familiar with those offices?
Thanks for all your suggestions and help,
Please respond to
Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona

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