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Luc Teerlinck <luc.teerlinck@...>

I am looking for my grand-father for now a few month ago.
You will find herewith some details about him:
Name: Chaim Joseph LINDENFELD
Date of birth: 6 july 1916
Place of birth: Warzaw in Poland
Name of his father: Abram Lindenfeld
Name of his mother: Chiffra WARTMAN

He arrived in Belgium in 1946 (>from Buchenwald) and was expulsed from
Belgium in june or july 1949. Then he arrived in Israel in approximetly
august 1949 and left Israel in 1972.
I know also that he married in Israel a lady called Masha.
He had some siblings:
sister Zelenka (Zelionka) Esther,1910
sister Leah Miller,1913
brother Felix-Feivel Lindenfeld1903, who might have lived in France
and maybe another one named Dvora.

I really hope that somebody could help me, it is so important for me and
my family.

Best regards,
Luc Teerlinck

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