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D. Abrams <dabrams1@...>

Hi Morris and all,
I can attest to the difficulty transcribing microfilmed manifests for a
database as I was a volunteer on one such project. There were many names
that I couldn't make out with certainty because of the handwriting, or the
faded ink or both. It didn't help that many names were unknown to me. I
made every effort to give each name my best shot before I entered it in my
spreadsheet, in some cases searching existing databases to see if a name
that seemed very odd had been recorded anywhere else and/or consulting
others before I committed it to the database I was helping create. It was a
slow, daunting process and I know "my best shot" in some cases was probably
way off.

After my humbling experience I had new respect for the volunteers who
created the EIDB. I'm sure they did their best too. At the
One-Step process allows family researchers to search the imperfect EIDB as
it exists, one might say, warts and all, using many filters at once. In the
search for LUFT passengers, for example, one could search for Jewish
passengers (Blue Form) named "LUFT" who hailed >from "Janowa". Such
a search will result with a list of 4 names, including Sinabab/Michal), not
288 that a global search on name alone delivers. Not bad most would say.
I think it proves that "all the hurrahs" for One-Step are well deserved.

I urge all Genners to carefully review the FAQs on to make
sure they understand what the One-Step EIDB process is (and what it's not)
in order to take advantage of its full potential. Also, while searching try
to think kindly about the volunteer transcribers who create databases for us
and faltered along the way. Finally, when you find an obvious mistake on
the EIDB, such as Sinabab for Michal, let the Ellis Island website know. I
found this handy note in Steve's FAQs #111 at .

I found the link to which Steve refers on the "Passenger Record" page. It
might be elsewhere too. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has used
this method and if a correction resulted.

Best wishes to all searching for elusive passengers!
Dena Abrams
Merrick, NY

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