Jacob SAVIN, Connecticut; reporting of suicides in early 1900's #general



I am researching my husband's great grandfather, Jacob SAVIN, whom the
family barely knew. He married around 1897, stuck around enough to have
four children >from 1899-1909. We have been told that he disappeared by 1912.
He is listed on the 1910 Montville, Connecticut census and then on the 1920
census his wife,Sarah Savin, is listed as a widow. So somewhere between
1910 and 1920 he is gone. We know that he had New York connections and
since there are no records of his death in Connecticut, I began searching
New York. I have hit a wall. We suspect that he might have either left
his wife for another woman and started a new family (although we have
no evidence of that) or he committed suicide. Something scandalous occured.
Some old neighbors remembered that but they didn't know what. So we have
a mystery on our hands and can not seem to figure it out. Does anyone
have any idea how a Jewish suicide might have been handled around 1912-1920?
Would there be no records?

Rishy Savin
Miami, FL

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