Lewkowitz #general

layla thomas <mikolayla_99@...>

I want to thank all of you that took the time to help
and write to me about my cousins Harry and Gail
Lewkowitz. Yes they are the right ones. I sent Harry
Lewkowitz an email but so far I have not heard from
him. He may, for whatever reason, not want to get in
touch with me. I only saw him once as a little boy.
Also does anybody know of a docter named Ishida, her
maiden name was Rappaport, She was born in England,
married a japanese docter who was a Major in the US
Army. They were living in Wuerzburg, Germany in 1975,
with them living was Mrs Rappaport, the grandmother,
they had two children I believe. Dr Ishida was picked
to go t to a research school or something similiar to
it, for brain research.
Thank you very much for all the help
Laja Rifka Thomas
searching for Lewkowicz >from Czenstochau
searching for Cymbalista >from Rakow

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