Searching for descendents mentioned in the will of my great great aunt #general

Martha LEV-ZION <martha@...>

My great grandmother's sister, Caroline Kline Galland, ne ROSENBERG,
died in in 1907, in Seattle, Washington, and left a fascinating will
behind her. Because she left the bulk of her very sizable estate to
establish an old age home, she made sure that she left every living
relative something so that they could not contest the will.

The following people, all new names to me, are mentioned in her will
and I am hoping to make contact with their offspring:

Rebecka KLEINER of New Haven, Connecticut;
Clara GUMPERT of New Haven, Connecticut;
Louis ROSENBERG of New Haven, Connecticut;
Lillie GOODRICH of New Haven, Connecticut;
Caroline ROSS of Vienna, Austria;
Dorthea ROSENBERG of Beuroth[sic] Bavaria [probably Bayreuth];
Lena ROSENBERG, same place in Bavaria;
Bertha MOHR, same place in Bavaria;
Lena STERNBERG of Albany Oregon;
Jennie ROSENBERG of Seattle, Washington;
Ida AXMN of Seattle, Washington;
Sam ROSENBERG of Seattle, Washington;
Charles ROSENBERG of Seattle, Washington;
Ed ROSENBERG of Seattle, Washington;
Isaac GOODMAN of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;
Fannie WILLIAMS of New Haven, Connecticut;
and, finally, Julia WOLFF of New Haven, Connecticut.

If anyone knows anything about any of these people or their
descendants, please get in touch with me!

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion

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