LIEBLICH Family with Polish, Pittsburgh, Providence Connections #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

I am trying to locate anyone who is a descendant of or researching the
family of Pincus [Peter] LIEBLICH. I have strong reason to believe that he
was the brother of my gg-grandmother Rachel LIEBLICH.

Rachel Lieblich (daughter of Yosef and Ester) born about 1849 (in
Austria-Hungary/Poland) married Henry [Haim Naftali] Rosenblatt +/-1866.
Their children were: Feitel; Szymon; Hesh/Hirsh; Rivka; Solomon; Leah;
Charles; Bernard; David and Benjamin. They immigrated about 1871 and
settled initially in Pittsburgh, before relocating to Providence. Rachel
died in 1889 in Providence.

Pincus Lieblich (born about 1857) was married to Rose (born about 1862) and
their children were: Samuel (born about 1881); Jacob (born about 1878) and
Herman (born about 1886).

I found a ship's manifest showing them arriving in the US on 24 Jul 1886. I
doubt that was their first trip as Pincus was naturalized in Allegheny
County in 1889 and according to records; both Jacob and Herman were born in
Providence, RI.

There is the following listing in the 1890 Pittsburgh directory:

Name: Peter Lieblich
Location 1: 349 Fifth Avenue
Occupation: pictures
Year: 1890
City: Pittsburgh
State: PA

He is also listed in the 1910 Pittsburgh census.

I've found Jacob Lieblich born in 1881 in Providence; died in 1964 in Los
Angeles. In 1920 and 1930 he was married to Belle and living in Cleveland.

I've found Herman Lieblich born in 1886 in Providence; son of Peter and
Rachel Lieblich.

The reason I'm so sure that there is a connection between Pincus and my
gg-grandmother is the Pittsburgh Providence connection as well as the fact
that both Pincus and Henry ROSENBLATT (my gg-grandfather) were picture

There was also Sarah Lieblich (born about 1876 in Austria) immigrated
between 1888-1892. She settled in Pittsburgh and married Israel Isaac
Rosenblatt (brother of Henry). She died childless in 1932. According to a
letter written by my ggg-grandfather, she had a wealthy brother who had many
children. Could it have been Pincus? I have yet to locate other children
besides the three mentioned above.

If anyone knows anything about the LIEBLICH family, I would greatly
appreciate hearing >from you. Please respond privately.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Happy

Best regards,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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