What happened to Edith VOGL ???? #general

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Would any of you know what happened to Edith VOGL?

Edith's name appears on the passenger list of S.S. President Roosevelt
which sailed >from Le Havre and arrived in New York on Aug 4 1938. She
is described as a Secretary, aged 33, place of birth NYRSKO,
(Czechoslovakia) with the last permanent address in Nyrsko

There is no destination given.

Edith is one of the VOGL or VOGEL siblings I am searching for - they
have a right to reclaim their former home in the Czech Republic

The fuller story is as follows:

We are searching for the legal heirs of Ruzena VOGLOVA nee PORGES
The name outside the Czech Republic may well now be varied to Rosa
VOGL of similar.
[a photograph is posted at http: //remember.org/unite [I have a gap
after HTTP: - please remove the gap] and there under "Can you help us
find .... " ]

Ruzena was born 25 Sept 1875, in Rokitzan. Her father was Albert
Porges, her mother Marie PORGES, nee LAZANSKY

Ruzena was widowed >from her husband Filip , born 10 July 1868,
deceased probably on 29 Oct 1932.

One Nazi document has her as Ruzena Sara VOGLOVA but the Sara is
likely to have been imposed under Nazi Law.

According to Czech police records, she left for the USA.

A letter was delivered to the Directorate of Police on 19. II.
(probably February) 1941 under Reg. No. 064215. She received
permission to emigrate on 20. II. 1941.

On 25 Feb 1941 she received confirmation >from Ministry of Social and
Health Administration that there was no objections against her emigration.

She asked for passport, which was issued on 3 March 1939, under Reg.
No. 8217/I. and received it on 14 March 1939

It appears that there had been an earlier application for a passport
in 1933 already, and that one seems to have been issued on 9 June 1933.

Ruzena had three children:

Ernestine, born 13 (or 18 ) Sept 1898 - she was divorced >from Karl
FISCHER, born 6 March 1892 - They had married on 12 November 1922 and
divorced on 7 Oct 1948

Edith (or Edita), born 1 (or 9 ) Dec 1904, in Czechoslovakia
unmarried at the time of emigration who left for the USA on 20 June 1939

Edith's name appears on the passenger list of SS President Roosevelt
from Le Havre on Aug 4 1938. She is described as a Secretary, aged
33, place of birth NYRSKO, with the last permanent address in Nyrsko

Arnold, born 1 November 1900, in Czechoslovakia, unmarried at the
time of emigration - he left for "abroad" (no known destination ) on
28 Dec 1939

As so often happens in these searches, we also have some
contradicting information.

According to the other set of data, Ruzena VOGLOVA left for Argentina.

This information comes >from decree on national administration issued
on 28 December 1953 according to which

"she was in somewhere in Argentina" and therefore "politically not

According to the 1953 information, her departure >from the Czech
Republic is likely to have been in the period 1948 - 1953

As she is no longer alive, we need to trace her legal heirs living today.

You may well ask - why the 1941 permits, when Edith arrived in NY in
1938. I do not have answers to this.

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere,
where we can ask?

Please e-mail me at davidlewin@btinternet.com

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