YABLONKA (YEVLONKAH) family in Israel #general

Wayne N. Frankel <wnf9@...>

Dear Jewish Genealogists,

In the past I have been helped by JewishGen connections in making
contact with long-lost family (thanks again, Joe Fibel! Judy Baston!
Meir Raz!), and I was hoping that someone out there might, by
chance, have the connections to know about another family that I seek
- living in Israel with the surname YABLONKA. The names and
addresses (given below) were originally in an address book in our
family. The addresses could have been written anytime >from the
1950's - 1970's. I had assumed that the individuals listed had long
passed away until I found them (some with the exact same address!) in
the online Bezeq's phone directory. My guess now is that they are in
their late 70's or 80's. The corresponding branch of my family in
the US saved letters & postcards >from whom I assume was the mother,
grandmother, father and aunt, respectively, of these addressees.
These remarkable letters, mostly >from Zambrow and Bialystok and in
Yiddish, were written in late in 1938 and 1939. >from what I can
translate so far, the content are mostly terrestrial, nothing about
the impending doom of the Holocaust, but nevertheless quite touching
in their style and content, and interesting too.

The father, Leybl YABLONKA had been in Israel in the late 1930's,
working at Kfar Sava and living c/o Raichelson, and had taken sick
and was planning to come home - but I gather, never did. When my
cousin found this address book with these names in it, including
Leybl, it seemed that he survived his illness and remained in Israel.
But seeing the additional addresses in the address book made us think
that some of the children must have either come earlier or survived
the Holocaust and came to Israel afterwards. I think there must have
been at least 7 children in this family of Leybl and Yente YABLONKA
of Zambrow (in one of letters she writes "nokh 7 kinder in shtub,"
and already older children were married). My cousins here are
interested in learning more about this YABLONKA family (i.e. Yente &
Leybl), their KAPLAN siblings >from Bialystok (Icko & Esther, Yente's
sister) and what happened to them - including their grandparents
Rochel & Chaim DVORKOVITZ (who were my cousins g-grandparents through
a third sister & brother in law Dvora & Abraham SIEGEL in the US).

About a month ago I wrote an introductory letter to the three
YABLONKAS at the addresses below, in typed English, and an Israeli
colleague addressed the envelopes in Hebrew. Since there were three
addresses, I was a little surprised not to have heard back >from any
of them. Of course, there could be many reasons, not the least of
which that they may not read English - although I figured that at
least someone they knew should be able to help them, and they could
reply in Hebrew or even Yiddish if they wished. But I've heard
nothing. After some Google snooping, I had also emailed someone
named Hana YABLONKA, a historian who writes about Holocaust denial
and other things, thinking possibly that she knew other YABLONKA's
and perhaps the small chance that she was related to mine. Still,

So, I'm writing in case any of you have, by chance, the right
connections and know these YABLONKA's and perhaps can persuade them
to correspond and tell us something about the family. For our part,
we have letters and photos that we can share with them.

Thanks again for your help, if you have any tips.

Please respond _privately_.

Wayne Frankel
Bar Harbor, ME, USA


YABLONKA Addresses in Bezeq Directory:

Jacob and Helen Yablonka
(Yevlonkh Yakb & Hlnh Hlmd, ... Gbatiem)

Chaim & Miriam Yablonka
(Yevlonkh Hiem Ngr & Mrim, ... Bt Yem)

Ben Zion Yablonka
(Yevlonkh Bn Tzion, ... Bni Brk)

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be had >from Bezeq or >from Wayne.

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