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I think the person just has an automated spam blocker that is causing the
message. I'm sure he would not consider any reply of yours to be unwanted.

Alan Glick
Valrico, FL

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Subject: Unwanted replies
From: "Israel P" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 10:11:51 +0200

I just sent a lengthy reply to someone who posted on the list, asking
help in locating several people. It took some time to do the lookups.

I received (another!) one of those annoying "If you would like to be
added to my list of approved senders" messages.
==That's the whole point, I think. If you pose a question and hope for
responses >from "strangers," you have to reset your email to accept those messages.

==There are some people who try to block spamming by giving a spurious
return "address"; you can't just click "reply" to respond to that person, you
have to find the instructions somewhere in the message that tell you to delete
periods or dashes or the words "spam-me-not" >from the spurious return address.
All I can say is, I have to be really, really inflamed or enthused to go to
so much trouble.

==as for the folks who have their computer robotically inform me that before
my message can reach them I will have to fill out a form with my personal
info and then beg to be allowed into the sacred sanctuary. Sorry, for me
that's one hoop too many. I refuse to jump.

==It's really unpleasant to get a lot of spam. I go through my incoming
mail, highlight it all, then control-click on the messages I think are worth
looking at and with one click delete all those left highlighted. Takes me a
minute at the start of the day, ten seconds each time I look for new messages.
I can manage that. It's certainly much better than shutting out everyone
whom I haven't "preapproved."

==another alternative, if you think my approach is too democratic or too
liberal, is to set up a special site to receive only jewishgen mail. You
never know, you may be surprised by receiving an unexpected message >from an
unexpected person that will clear up all the genealogical mysteries you
couldn't solve.

Michael Bernet, New York

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