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Ilan Ganot <iganot@...>

In reply to responses and queries >from several JewishGenners to my
previous posting:

a. The website is closed for Jewish holidays and Shabbat.

b. Correction: The exact location of individual graves / burial plots *is*
available online, after pressing the link at the name of the deceased.
Additional information includes Date of birth, and age at death.

Moadim l'Simcha,

Ilan Ganot
Holon, Israel

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The official website of the Chevra Kadisha - Burial Society - of Tel-Aviv
district is at:

Burial information can be searched online according to name of the
deceased, father's name, death year span, cemetery name, etc.

Search results provide: name of the deceased, father's name, date of
death (Yahrzeit) - both Jewish and general, and name of cemetery.

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