Given name ROSE: Americanized from what Prussian Jewish birth name? #general

Martin Fischer

I have a copy of a death certificate for a woman named Henrietta MAIZNER
(nee SCHEYE) who was born in about 1858 in Germany.

Her mother's maiden name, listed on Henrietta's death certificate >from St.
Louis, Mo., USA, was Rose KOBER.

Am I correct in assuming that among the following Kober siblings born in
Kempen, Posen, Prussia, it was Raschke who most likely changed her given
name to Rose:

Rivke (born 1830)
Lea (born 1835)
Raschke (born 1836)
Basche (born 1846)

In addition to the similarity in sound between Rose and Raschke, the latter
would have been around age 22 when giving birth to Henrietta. If Rivke
became Rose, then she would have been giving birth to Henrietta around age
28, which is also possible, but the names lack the similarity of
Rose-Raschke. A Lea-to-Rose change doesn't seem likely, and Basche would
have been only about age 12 when giving birth.

Do you agree that Raschke was the most likely among these siblings to be the
mother of Henrietta?

FYI, other siblings in this family changed their given names between the
time their births were recorded in Kempen and the time they lived in St.
Louis: Ester to Ernestine, Luser to Louis, and Lieber to Leopold.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois, USA

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