Revue du Cercle de Genealogie Juive, # 85 #general

Ernest Kallmann

The last issue (# 85) is finally off the press. Here is the summary:

Pierre KATZ, the well-known Alsatian genealogist, has very recently left
all of us in sorrow. He was among many other feats, the finder of the
1808 name adoption lists and the author of their compilation, an
indispensable research tool for all those searching their ancestors in
Alsace and Lorraine.

* Families *

Pascal FAUSTINI stresses the prominent role of Jewish entrepreneurs in
the iron industry during the 18th century in Sarre, transforming a
profitable craftsmanship into a real industry. They often became tenants
and managers of the smithies owned by the counts of Nassau-Saarbr├╝cken
and so built up their wealth. Family trees of the main families involved
are shown as well as the connections between them.

* Miscellaneous *

Eve-Line BLUM cites several books by local historians (Dordogne,
Charente-Maritime) containing information about deportees and Shoah
victims that are not available at the Departement Archive. In another
section, she tells how she traced a family Greif deported in convoys 71
and 73 to Auschwitz thanks to several linked Internet correspondents.

Eliane ROOS-SCHUHL analyzes the Schwindratzheim (Northern Alsace)
Memorbuch of 1786. The original manuscript is kept at the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America. She identifies the copyists and the
sponsorer Nephtali Hirtzel Jacob.

Bernard LYON-CAEN tabulates and compares the data appearing in A. A.
Fraenckel's book and in the journal Bergha for the Jewish marriage
contracts in Uffholtz in the 18th century.

Philippe DANAN gives the list of the 148 Jews paying the wool tax in
Algiers in 1832 as published in the Moniteur Algerien in its March 1832
issue. This tax was levied on the indigenous Jews and Muslims. The
amount of the taxes sheds a light on the economic situation of the
Jewish community at the time.

* Recent Events *

Georges GRANER, in ">from the webmaster", details the uses of the search
engine available on our website since January 2006.

Basile GINGER shows how the members of our society can be assisted when
searching for a naturalization docket.

Our library now hosts gravestone lists >from Jewish cemeteries in
France, compiled by various members, and the description of the content
of a CD-ROM about the Jewish communities of Bayonne and Saint-Esprit in
the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Ernest Kallmann
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